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EUROCONTROL Runway Safety Net Improvement by Electronic Flight Strips

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AviBit and EgisAvia were selected by EUROCONTROL for development and validation of enhanced A-SMGCS safety net features by additionally incorporating Electronic Flight Strip data.


The project is part of EUROCONTROL’s Airport Operations Programme and focuses on the definition and implementation of enhanced A-SMGCS safety net features in tower environments which operate A-SMGCS and Electronic Flight Strips. The results of the project are operational guidelines, concept validation, human factor cases and a cost benefit analysis for enhanced safety net features using A-SMGCS and Electronic Flight Strips.

The project was carried out with EgisAvia being responsible for the definition of operational concepts and project management and AviBit developing the new safety net features in its ACEMAX and DIFLIS solutions. Trials were carried out within AviBit’s solutions deployed at Vienna International Airport.

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