A-SMGCS, Electronic Flight Strip and Integrated Information Systems for Tallinn International Airport
AviBit was selected by the Estonian Air Navigation Services to provide its systems for Tallinn International Airport, Estonia.
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A-SMGCS for Berlin Brandenburg International Airport
AviBit was selected by the German ANSP DFS to provide its systems for Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, Germany.
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Successful Final Acceptance of the AviBit A-SMGCS and Electronic Flight Strip System at Bucharest International Airport

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Bucharest, ROMANIA. AviBit has completed delivery and commissioning of the A-SMGCS (AviBit ACEMAX) and Electronic Flight Strip System (AviBit DIFLIS) at Henri Coanda International Airport – Bucharest. AviBit and ROMATSA – the Air Navigation Service Provider of Romania – have completed the project with a 3 weeks robustness test on 04 March 2014.


The delivered system, will not only increase the capacity on the movement area of the airport especially during low visibility conditions, it will also increase the efficiency of taxi operations while enhancing safety.

“The project was very challenging for the AviBit team since it included integrated A-SMGCS and EStrips while interfacing with numerous external systems. Two SMRs and a Multilateration System as well as two SMR towers and shelters have been part of our delivery”, says Tobias Karns, Project Manager at AviBit.

This project allowed AviBit once more to prove its capabilities as an ATC-Tower System Integrator. Beside the MLAT system and the SMRs, surveillance data from the Terminal Approach Radar (TAR) is incorporated in the system. Furthermore Air Field Lighting System, Instrument Landing System (ILS), Air Traffic Management System, AFTN and ATIS are incorporated in the AviBit product suite as well.

The delivery of an Enhanced Safety Net through the integration of A-SMGCS and EStrips will further increase safety on the movement area and enhances the situational awareness to the controller significantly. The implementation of Digital Departure Clearance (DCL) eliminates misunderstandings between pilots and air traffic controllers and reduces congestions on the ATC frequencies.

About AviBit

AviBit is a leading provider of next generation Air Traffic Management Solutions that enhance airspace and airport operations. AviBit is on the market since more than 15 years and has provided its advanced software solutions to many international ANSP’s and airports. The core portfolio contains an A-SMGCS, an Electronic Flight Strip System including Digital Departure Clearance, an Integrated Tower/ATC Information System and an Arrival and Departure Management System. One of AviBit’s key competences is the full integration of A-SMGCS and EStrips, which allows for increased efficiency and safety of airport operations. For detailed product information and further information about AviBit and its references, please visit or send an e-mail to

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