A-SMGCS, Electronic Flight Strip and Integrated Information Systems for Tallinn International Airport
AviBit was selected by the Estonian Air Navigation Services to provide its systems for Tallinn International Airport, Estonia.
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A-SMGCS for Berlin Brandenburg International Airport
AviBit was selected by the German ANSP DFS to provide its systems for Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, Germany.
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Digital Departure Clearance System

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The Challenge
Conventional procedures to deliver Pre Departure Clearances are based on voice communication consisting of multiple read and read-back sequences to verify clearance reception. This requires dedicated manpower and frequency capacity. The latter can cause problems during peak hours where many flight crews simultaneously request their Pre Departure Clearance.

The AviBit Solution 
DECLOS – as a part of the SafeControl Suite ATM package – provides ATC and Airlines with the option of retrieving a Pre Departure clearance using the on-board Data link equipment. ACARS is used as a communication vehicle and Pre Departure Clearances are transmitted automatically negating the need for any further Air Traffic Controller action. Implementing DECLOS marks an important step to reduce frequency congestion and freeing up Air Traffic Controllers workload.

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